AUTOMOB ADVISORY SERVICES (AAS) is an Automobile Management Organisation- AMO and an Indigenous Sales and Service providing firm with adequate expertise to provide Automobile Solutions & Support to meet diversities in Corporate and Household automobile requirements.

AAS positions itself in providing Auto Professional Services in the light of AUTO ADVISORY, SALES (Spares & Parts Inclusive), MAINTENANCE & SUPPORT SERVICES. The Services is one targeted to meet the dearth of individual customer satisfaction & corporate fleet cost/ viability issues grossly inherent in the Nigerian Auto industry especially at this sensitive time of economic downturn and post automotive policy. We are committed to a project designed to reduce the individual & organisational burden of Auto Asset acquisition, utility and maintenance.

AAS has been delivering services for about half a decade now. Its operations is anchored and operated by a team of Invaluable Human Capacity with commendable & diverse experience in the Nigerian Auto industry.




Our Mission Statement

“To facilitate and provide a unique & satisfactory Automobile; purchase, utility, maintenance & replacement experience for households and operational firms”.

“To operate in line with the dynamics, creativity, innovation & personal / service partners advancement opportunities inherent in the Auto industry”.

“We remain dedicated & committed to evolving to be a first class Diversity Auto Solutions Provider in sub-Sahara Africa in our first decade of existence”.